This blog is for parents who want to participate in a community that supports girls in technology. It highlight the conversation and activity around engaging girls in technology as builders, not just consumers.  It also highlights the function and features of the iXMessage Social Media Platform and how this platform hopes to break the boy tech culture.

iXMessage.me is a Social Media Platform for tween girls to socialize in a trusted-environment TM.​

Girls build personalized messages.
Girls build a friend network in a trusted-environment TM.
Transforms the industry standard of messaging to include collaboration and creativity.

There are many great sites that review social media apps so parents can understand the risks imposed by using them. As a software developer, I’m looking at these apps from an engineering perspective to see what’s going on, to dig deeper, or to aggregate what parents need to know.

As I keep tabs on this landscape, I hope to pass on helpful information and encourage girls to pursue careers in computer science. iExchange Software has chosen to NOT use the usual social networking mechanisms that expose children to predators. The company has chosen NOT to sell personal information or track behavior. 

You will see a few different kinds of posts on this blog.

⤤ Discussion Posts

Some posts will be discussions, and I hope you will send me your comments and questions.

⤥ App Posts

Other posts are commentary or analysis of existing social media apps.  I’ll try to look beyond the general ratings and descriptions provided by reputable parenting groups. I hope my technical knowledge will bring something helpful to the table.