Text in a Black Box

Text message is something girls definitely love.  They’re social by nature.

My nieces only text me now, rarely will they answer an actual call.  Even if I call them the second I get a text, they usually won’t answer.

I noticed a while back how emojis became a big deal.  They always take the time to use them.

blog_main.png Personalization.Sometimes there is just one, sometimes many.  I started using them, too. The feeling I get with adding the bling is that I’m making the otherwise text-in-a-black-box something fun, or cool, and just mine. The message takes on a uniqueness at that moment, even if the message is “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”.  It feels fun, and light.

Social Media vs. Social Networking vs. Socializing

So basically, on the one hand they want to socialize, but they don’t want to talk on the phone. My first instinct is to think that they’re really not learning verbal interaction skills, but I’ll leave that up to the experts.

I’m curious about the tactile interaction of writing instead of talking.

Social media apps typically force you to share all kinds of personal details, in multiple forms, in a public venue with corporations in the background tracking and using this activity data, as well as personal data, for other things, like ads.  The user-facing part of all these apps are different, but the social media platform underneath is basically the same. Social media as it stands is not designed with girls in mind.  It’s designed for the general public, the broadest audience.

To talk about what girls would like, we first have to think about social media as something separate from social networking.

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