Yinz Parents

If you’re not from Pittsburgh, or a Steelers fan, this title might not make sense.  Yinzers, a.k.a. Pittsburgh natives, have their own language.  It’s documented on T-shirts everywhere.  In this title, “Yinz Parents” really means, “All Parents Out There Everywhere”.
I was recently asked how parents find out what’s going on with all these apps that kids seem to find.  How do you keep up? The kids seem to lock into certain apps for a while, then they find something else.  I’m a bit jealous that they actually have the time to hang on social media that much.

PictureAnyway, at issue is the risk of exposure for their kids. When I started looking at apps, ​I myself was shocked at the number of apps where kids can accidentally expose personal information. Along with that, there is the corporation in the background that is collecting data and pushing commercial ads and targeted ads out to kids.

If you as a parent are in this same place, drop me a private note through the contact form, or below in the conversation form.

Tell me what you’re thinking!


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